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RapidAIM is a newly formed AgTech startup with the potential to revolutionize global farming and biosecurity. 

More than 30% of global food production never makes it to the table with much of this loss caused by insect pests. One small example is the global $30B of fruit and vegetable production lost to fruit fly, and $18B in global trade threatened by the pest. RapidAIM, via its real-time wireless insect sensing technology, detects pest early allowing growers, agronomists and biosecurity agencies to rapidly respond to pest detection, deliver targeted control and validate if the control is working. 

Venture backed and founded by veteran Australian scientists, we’re on a mission to take the guesswork out of pest management for sustainable food production. We have a tight-knit and highly collaborative team and are looking for people as passionate as we are to grow our business and make an impact on a global scale.

About the role

We’re hiring our first Full Stack Software Developer to lead the design and building of our back-end cloud systems and applications to create an intuitive and enjoyable user experience for our customers and drive growth for our business.

As a senior member of our team, you’ll be responsible for building a team of software developers around you as we grow, and for making the key architecture and technology decisions that set the foundations to rapidly scale and seamlessly bring our pipeline of new products to the market. As you first familiarise yourself with our product you’ll be supported by CSIRO Data61 software engineers who helped build the demonstrator tech stack.

Our demonstrator app is currently deployed in nationwide trials and our objective is to further refine it in time to entice new customers ready in time for the spring fruit growing season of 2019.

The RapidAIM app is a mobile web application, developed using Elm. Our cloud backend on AWS is Python, with a ‘serverless’ architecture deployed using CloudFormation and the Chalice framework. We use a number of AWS technologies including Lambda, API Gateway, IoT and ElasticSearch.

What we’re looking for…

Our ideal candidate has a natural flair for user experience, excellent software engineering sense, a very high attention to detail, and a best practice mindset. You have a demonstrated track record in building products that are intuitive to use, require little maintenance, and add lots of value to our users.

You easily translate complex concepts for those from non-engineering backgrounds and thrive on working collaboratively with a team comprising different skill sets and areas of subject matter expertise. You work fast and hard, and gain regular feedback to continually iterate and improve our systems and products.

You are a team player and are highly motivated by the bigger mission of reducing the impact of insect pests and insecticide on global food production.

The technical skills … 

  • Full stack development experience
  • Transition from AWS/mobile web app demonstrator stack to first full product offering
  • Strong front-end skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Strong proficiency with one or more backend languages such as Go, Python, Java or Node.js
  • SQL and NoSQL databases; time-series and geospatial queries

To stand out as an exceptional candidate, you may also have…

  • Functional front-end (eg Elm, Reason)
  • Cloud DevOps (AWS CloudFormation or Terraform)
  • "Internet of things” development
  • Software team leadership experience
  • User Experience design


The role is based in the Brisbane CBD and reports to our CEO Dr Nancy Schellhorn. The salary and share options is competitive and the benefits will be tailored to the preferences of the successful candidate. 

To learn more you can contact Darren Moore, CTO, at [email protected]

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