Senior Software Engineer


Write code for our cloud platform and our mobile apps using the latest and fastest => change the world.

Obzervr is a data management software company. Our cloud platform and suite of phone apps help businesses who have large amounts of unstructured data to organise, visualise and discover actionable insights that matter. Through Obzervr’s suite of apps, we are building a company that connects data entry from around the world, allowing our customers to assess the state of their operations, make better decisions and use machines to start predicting the future.

Obzervr is recruiting a Software Engineer with demonstrated experience. Join our team on a permanent basis as we navigate the global landscape as a SaaS technology building highly available, scalable, and secure cloud services and phone apps! You will be exposed to the latest technology and will join a highly motivated and skilled team.

About you

You are a "hands on" and confident leader who thrives on making a difference. Your analytical nature and high degree of professionalism and initiative will be imperative to succeed. It is also important that you are a highly organised, efficient person with the ability to listen to the needs of both management and our team. In addition, you possess solid experience leading and managing a diverse range of functions in a software team.

You have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field or bootcamp training, fellowship or equivalent work experience.

Core Skill/Experience Requirement:

  • Deep technical knowledge of one area (mobile, cloud etc) and can jump from area to area and tackle problems quickly and work well with others;
  • Strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, programming languages, distributed systems, information retrieval, and security;
  • Experience with the usual programming languages – Javascript, C#, SQL, etc;
  • Experience with a good portion of following frameworks - .NET, dotnet core, AngularJS, KendoUI, Xamarin
  • Worked in anger with these Acronyms - HTML, CSS, REST, JSON, JWT
  • 5+ years' experience building complex, data-driven web and mobile applications that scale;
  • Built web applications professionally for 5+ years on mission critical systems where reliability, scale and security is expected;
  • Experience working with, implementing and opinionated on complex architecture patterns such as Multi-tenant SaaS, CQRS, Event Sourcing, MVC/P/VM, Webhooks, Messaging and Pub/Sub;
  • Experience working with, implementing and opinionated on complex storage patterns such as Relational, Document, Graph and Distributed vs Centralised;

Key Responsibilities:

  • Solve technical problems that few other people are willing or capable of handling;
  • Write, debug, and deploy code to production in a timely manner;
  • Strong communicator. Explaining complex technical concepts to designers, support, and other engineers is no problem for you;
  • Collaborate on technical discussions and enjoy helping teams achieve decisions together;
  • Solve complex problems with a high degree of autonomy and quality, but you help and support others to do the same;
  • Utilize your strong knowledge of coding conventions to mentor and hold other members of the team accountable;
  • Participate and contribute in stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives at the team level and up;
  • Proactively identify and propose solutions that create scalable implementations and achieve results;
  • Work collaboratively across other engineering organizations to ensure best practices and processes are followed;
  • Build strong relationships with all team members and cross-functional partners;
  • Contribute to building a sustainable software engineering practice at Obzervr. 
  • Not only solve your problems but create solutions or frameworks that make other teams or big parts of the company better and faster. (They know how to multiply their impact);
  • Won't shy away from hard problems that may take several months or even years to prove are worth tackling. They don't get too caught up on individual performance reviews which lets them move beyond the scope of what most people are willing to risk their career on;
  • Great communicator and well organized but that doesn't seem to be a hard requirement because some people are just so gifted that they can get by working alone on insanely narrow and hard problems;
  • Deals well with ambiguity and changing requirements. One of Obzervr’s values is agility, that means working prototypes - iterated and tweaked over long boring specification documents. This means that frontend engineers need to be able to keep up with different versions of the code on multiple platforms (web, Android, iPhone, tablets, etc.). Anything we built had to scale from day 1, so our backend engineers have to be able to build infrastructure and frameworks that can be quickly adapted to new products or come up with scalable solutions quickly and know those things are going to be constantly tweaked; and
  • Be direct in terms of giving and getting feedback. The open culture means that no one is above listening to feedback. That open and honest feedback helps people grow and scale and the best people are the ones that recognize areas to grow based on feedback.

Imagine working for us

Our values encourage us to be accepting of differences and embrace all. Our size and variety offers you real choice and opportunities to grow your career. You'll also find we offer a family friendly work culture.

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