iOS Native (Swift) + ReactNative Developer - Mobile Specialist Developer


About the business and the role

Line26 is a group of (mostly) programmers, with a ton of experience working for digital, ad, and vfx agencies around Brisbane. Our overarching vision is to realise potential - yours, ours, and clients - and enjoy the journey. We do this through the company's core values; integrity, respect, play, collaboration, courage, and progression.he company's core values; integrity, respect, play, collaboration, courage, and progression.

We are digital makers, in every sense; each team member here is multi-talented and because of that our capabilities are vast and the quality of the work we produce shines. We're keen to hire more people that fit in with our socially responsible & no-BS approach to digital projects, and have the passion to produce great things more than just ticking a criteria box for a client.

If you want to work in a small team with big ambition and drive, on cool projects spanning VR, AR, Web, Apps, as well as new technologies, this might be the perfect place for you.

Job tasks and responsibilities

We predominantly build complex websites and web-apps, as well as native (or ReactNative) device apps for clients. In many cases, what we build would be classified as 'product', and we often consult with the clients on aspects of business, marketing and high level technical strategy as well as the coding and design.

As a mobile app specialist developer, you would be the primary developer on iOS (Swift) projects as well as some upcoming ReactNative builds (for Android versions mainly). This also includes the front-end app development converting designs from our talented UX designers into working app UI's. We have talented backend API developers already, however if you also have some skill with the likes of Firebase and other API backend systems that would be a big plus.

Also because it's a small team, we all pitch in with things outside the job description where we need to. Sometimes that means wiping a table or washing up a glass after a client meeting, but it also means a certain level of trust, support and freedom to pursue a passion project / interest.

Skills and experience

We check for cultural fit first and most importantly. So, tell us a bit about yourself in your cover letter!

Use these questions as a guide, or make up your own if they don't quite fit;

  • Which of our company's values hits home with you the hardest, and why?
  • This job is for someone passionate about building cross platform mobile apps, but do you have any other crossover skills that we might be interested in? Any back-end or server stuff, maybe some Node?
  • What about skills that are far removed from coding? We have an eclectic collection of interests outside of code here - sports, game design, music, writing...
  • What are you tinkering with in your spare time?
  • What are you playing at the moment?

And then also give us a few sentences on these other ones about the job itself;

  • Demonstrated experience with iOS (Swift), and ReactNative.
  • Bonus points if you also have worked with Google Firebase as a backend before for an app.
  • Tell us about other programming languages and frameworks you have experience with that we might find interesting or useful!
  • Experience with development tools we use; Bitbucket, JIRA, Confluence, Docker, xcode. (We're open to suggestions for a good ReactNative IDE)

We want someone who can work without supervision to keep up with their task list and communicate to the rest of the team when they need something (e.g. help testing, a second opinion on a potential fix, help clarifying what the client might be asking, etc).

It's important that you understand your own limitations and aren't afraid to ask for help from others in the team - we're not expecting someone perfect at everything, but we are expecting that you ask for help if you know you're not good at something.

Job benefits and perks

We're in Fortitude Valley, right opposite the train station & cityglider stop - so transport is easy.

Flexible work hours - occasional work from home days, late starts or early finishes to fit in with your lifestyle is fine as long as you get the work done. We average a 40 hr week and very rarely ask for overtime, and if so work out time off in lieu to cover it.

Fun workplace - we have toys on the shelves and a place to play your (or one of the directors') Nintendo Switch in the boardroom.

New 3D printer to replace the old one coming soon...

Lots of cool stuff to play with and learn to develop for, including a HTC VIVE and a brand new Oculus Go.

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    Brisbane, Fortitude Valley
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    $80K - 110K
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