Full Stack Engineer

Laneway Analytics

Have you always wanted to be part of an exciting analytics start-up developing new technology and delivering innovative analytic solutions in an agile way? In this role, you will be a key member of our team designing and delivering a SaaS analytics platform to solve our customers’ data and analytic challenges.

What makes us different

Our senior team has a track record of successful exits in the Analytics space. Our expertise, network and culture are driving our start-up forward into this phase of growth

I have 10+ years’ experience building large business intelligence and analytics solutions in the private and public sector

My co-founder sold his previous analytics firm to Deloitte and counted some of the largest multinationals amongst his clients

Our sales director has 20+ years’ experience leading sales teams in large multinationals, and recently exited from a successful FinTech

We are rapidly gaining traction with multinationals and some of the largest financial services companies in Australia

Our team blends a commercial and technology skillsets. We aren’t clever techies guessing at cool problems to solve, we are solving the toughest problems we encountered in our commercial roles

There are no echo chambers here or skill gaps on the technical or commercial side that can really stifle a start-up

We are lean and agile; no committees or bureaucracy to get in the way of building cool stuff. We embrace creativity not stifle it

We work smarter, not harder. We get stuff done. We work as a team. We are learning each day. We are certainly not perfect but we aim for perfection each day

We focus on output, not the amount of hours that your boss sees you slaving over your desk from 7am – 7pm. That is not effective. It is just stupid. We are adults. Flexibility is part of our DNA. We have young kids (one of us has 2 kids under 5 years of age, one of has just swum the English Channel) and still do amazing work whilst juggling things. It's possible for us. It's possible for you

Flexibility and trust is the key. We trust each other. We deliver. We get things done. It's pretty simple. Crazy but true

What we're looking for

A mid-senior full-stack developer that is super smart, understands how the tech changing so fast, and wants to work in a culture that gives them the freedom to design and build the solutions they always wanted to

What makes this role different

Work with current tech and put your own mark on our solution

A very supportive culture where you'll be exposed to all facets of a start-up and business and be given the opportunity to grow as a person and professional

We’d prefer to start the role as part time, perfect for spending extra time with the family and working on personal projects for the jaded 10yr+ consultant that is looking for a way out (we’ve all been there!), but full time is also possible

We’d prefer for the applicant to be Adelaide based to work closer with me but Melbourne based at the Laneway head office will be considered. We have a permanent spot at the New Venture Institute. We’ll be hot-desking from start-up incubators and innovation centres and working from home. A genuine start-up experience!

Market rates and equity/profit share on offer for the right person

What we want to build

We’re building a data platform that leverages our experience in business intelligence and analytics, data architecture, and delivering outcomes for senior management 

We know what our clients want and need

Our working prototype combining our extensible data model and semantic layer combined with our multi-dimensional calculation engine has been demoed successfully at trade shows. We are working with a foundation client in the superannuation industry to build out the super module using React on the AWS stack)

The majority of this is data and dataviz centric (our expertise). We need a webdev to help us bring it all together into a complete solution

We are using our domain knowledge in collaboration with other clients to create modules for other industries (retail, online, utilities, investment, finance, etc.)

The skills

  • Commercial experience creating apps and capable of architecting complex software solutions
  • Experience working with JavaScript frameworks (React) and CSS pre-processing frameworks (Sass, Less) and .net
  • Strong experience with the AWS stack
  • Strong experience in Rest services/APIs
  • A solid understanding of best practices and techniques regarding web scalability, performance, and security
  • Experience with common front-end development tools such as Webpack, NPM, etc.
  • Experience with Single Page Application Development
  • Understanding of relational databases, SQL
  • Understanding and interest in visualisation tools and embedded analytics (Tableau, D3, ZoomCharts, AnyChart, etc.) would be cool but not a requirement
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