Senior Full-stack Javascript Engineer


The Company

We’re a Sydney-based web security scaleup leading the fight against bots since 2015. Our product detects and mitigates malicious bot traffic that other security platforms can’t.

To do this, we solve difficult problems every day at massive scale. We handle the traffic of some of the largest web properties in Australia, and we’re expanding around the globe.

It’s a tough challenge, and we’re building a team of passionate developers to help us tackle it.

The Role

As a senior full-stack engineer working with our team in Sydney, you will be responsible for:

  • Working across infrastructure, backend, frontend and machine learning
  • Building components for our design system, putting usability first
  • Building a dashboard/portal that enables users to configure, monitor, and perform analysis on the data captured by our security solution
  • Building real-time data viz for our dashboard
  • Architecting and implementing new features for our request processor written in Node
  • Mentoring others and develop processes to improve the team as a whole

The Stack

  • Multiple NodeJS backends
  • Frontend is currently Angular 1, TypeScript and Web Components, with a plan to migrate to React
  • We’re multi-cloud, deploying to both AWS and Google Cloud with Kubernetes.
  • We leverage a design system for guidelines and base components of our UI
  • We are keenly focused on our design process using tools like InVision and collecting feedback from the whole team
  • We try to use the right tool for the job, and always value input and new ideas.

About You

  • Demonstrated experience developing high-performance, scalable systems
  • Expert in JavaScript and the NodeJS ecosystem
  • Experience with developing data visualization for large datasets
  • You’re a pragmatist that can balance ‘getting it done’ with ‘doing it perfectly’
  • You’re passionate about mentoring, leading and growing teams
  • Experience with functional programming or security is a bonus

The Offer

  • Work on tough, interesting problems that impact the security landscape around the world
  • A great, close-knit team who value your input and technical direction
  • Competitive salary
  • Opportunity to be influential and have a big impact
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Competitive salary and opportunity to join employee equity plan
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