About You

You believe that you can do better.

You believe that those around you can do better.

You actively seek out opportunities to both learn and teach.

You live and breathe continuous improvement.

You lean in to challenges rather than stepping away.

You would rather be in the arena getting your arse kicked than on the sideline as an observer.

You accept that some days you’ll win and others you’ll fail, and you know that those are the days when you grow the most.

You have grit – determination, resilience, tenacity, persistence, courage.

You understand that effort is a critical component in the path to mastery.

You look for critical feedback in order to improve both process and outcomes.

You deliberately stretch yourself to facilitate further growth.

You seek to find flow in all that you do.

About Us

We are fast paced, where there are often unpredictable changes with no clear pattern or trend.

We are frequently disrupting ourselves, with the past being of little help in predicting the future.

We are regularly dealing with complexity, the breadth and scale of what we do leaves us with little choice.

We are often working with varying degrees of ambiguity, we don’t know all of the answers and the best way to learn is often in production.

We don’t apologise for any of that, we embrace it and we look to find ‘flow’.

We appreciate that it can be a little uncomfortable at first, but we also know that ultimately people with grit and growth mindset shine through.

We work with millions of customers, thousands of employees, and hundreds of suppliers each and every year. We are retail at scale.

We believe that there are great amounts of opportunity and potential in front of us.

If you’re the type of person who can step into that space, then that potential and opportunity is yours for the taking.

The Detail

We’re currently looking for software developers (at varying levels) who are comfortable sitting somewhere between programmer, DevOps engineer, automation engineer, and technical analyst.

We work across a hybrid stack which includes:

  • On-premise and cloud based applications and APIs (moving more towards cloud based serverless functions)
  • .Net (primarily C# + moving more towards .Net Core) & Node.js
  • SQL Server & MongoDb persistence layers
  • React.js front-end development
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    JB Hi-Fi
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    $110K - 150K
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