Who we are An ambitious team turning big dreams into reality

The $100 billion gaming industry is on the verge of revolution. For decades, gamers have suffered under the pretense of ownership: purchasing digital assets to which they hold but negligible rights. Now, with the advent of blockchain technology, comes the opportunity to empower gamers with true ownership.

At Immutable, our mission is to lead this revolution and transform the space as social and mobile platforms did years ago. With a small but exceptional team of artists, designers and engineers we are building Gods Unchained: a AAA trading card game where players have complete control over their assets. As we approach launch, we need the help of other talented professionals to help bring our game to the world.

That's where you come in...

Role highlights (Salary 110K - 130K AUD)

This role is for an expert Angular developer who wants to expand their skill-set, work with new technologies and build exciting, consumer products that potentially will be used by millions.

Build consumer products and new ecosystem

You will own everything Apollo, with the goal of building out the site, a browser SDK and Apollo Launcher functionality. Our vision is for Apollo to become a dominant platform in blockchain gaming with a thriving marketplace, social functionality and high degree of customer security.

To get there we need scalable infrastructure and smooth onboarding letting people experience crypto without downloading a wallet. Tools you build, such as the browser SDK, will power the next generation of games by helping developers easily integrate with Apollo and the blockchain.

Intersection of two cutting edge industries

Gaming is eating the world. Player numbers are mind-boggling. And it is no surprise, given the level of design and development expertise being invested to create amazing experiences. On the other side is blockchain, an industry with enormous potential that some compare to the internet of the early 90s. And like those early internet companies we need to build the protocols and layers of abstraction to allow mainstream gaming audiences to use and play our games, without the high friction of blockchain in its current state.

Expand your skill-set

Our default framework is the latest version of Angular, which we use for both our websites and electron applications. We use Typescript for everything. You should be comfortable working from that base, and extending it in cases where we want to support a wider variety of technologies. Depending on your previous experience and career goals you could use this role to learn how to build an electron application, use Ethereum-related browser libraries or develop product and leadership skills. We don’t expect you to know all these things already - just that you are excited to learn.

Collaborate with a talented team You will join join our platform team - the name we give to the group of software and blockchain engineers building the non-game assets at Immutable. They are self-organising, delivering against the product backlog in short sprints.

In the first 90 days you will:

  • Create the Apollo Browser SDK
  • Add social functionality to the desktop launcher
  • Add developer credential flow to the Apollo website

No remote working: 

Whilst we want to support remote working in the medium-term, we are only hiring for onsite roles to promote collaboration and grow our culture.

Who you are

Satisfied with the status-quo? Pass. Want somebody telling you what to do? Look elsewhere. Curious and driven? Let’s talk.

Our vision is reflected in a set of common values. If these values reflect both you and the people you want to work with, you will thrive at Immutable.

Willing to learn

  • You learn rapidly and eagerly
  • You have a growth mindset; you believe you can improve your intelligence, ability and performance
  • You admit mistakes freely and absorb feedback
  • You are continually seeking ways to improve and understand the power of compounding
  • You are a scientist; using data and experiments to learn more about the world
  • You are not afraid to ask for help You can identify when to course correct through self-examination


  • You say what you think and suggest alternatives, even if it is uncomfortable
  • You listen with an open mind and judge based on reasons, not bias
  • You have “strong views, loosely held"
  • You seek alternative perspectives
  • You challenge the status quo and prevailing assumptions
  • You can think from first-principles


  • You have intense self-belief and are willing to back yourself
  • You strive for excellence
  • You find joy and satisfaction in doing your best
  • You believe that hard work is a necessary ingredient to success
  • You are ruthlessly output focused
  • You take ownership and pride in what you deliver
  • You are a definite optimist 

Team player

  • You seek what is best for the team, not your ego
  • You share your experience and knowledge with the team
  • You help others achieve their best You collaborate effectively
  • You can contribute outside of your speciality
  • You communicate clearly and concisely
  • You are inclusive and thoughtful when interacting with others
  • You invest in improving our processes, values and culture

Things we don't consider important in your application

A prior interest in gaming or blockchain: so long as you’re curious to learn what the fuss is about

Your background, age, ethnicity, gender or sexuality: we see the value in a wide breadth of personal experiences, and understand that a diverse team makes better games and a more fulfilling place to work.

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