Full Stack Engineer – Senior Consultants

Hypothesis Consulting

Engineers at Hypothesis get to work across our three offerings: Service Design, Agile Transformation and Digital Delivery. We are seen as partners not just executors, influencing the "why" and "what" as well as deciding "how" we work.

By working with large enterprises, start-ups, and government we get to see product development from a wide range of angles. From distributed IoT applications, through payments via AI, to integration work for large financial institutions, we work on problems that we care about. We play with the latest technologies, as long as they're the right tool to solve the problem such as distributed microservices in cloud providers like Azure, AWS and GCP or embedded device work.

Whether it's the trade-off between the stability of a tried-and-tested technology and time-to-market or helping to shape the MVP in order to validate an assumption, pragmatism and customer value are at the core of everything we do. Working within the team to iteratively improve not only on the product but also how we work allows you to shape every facet of your day-to-day.

Who you’ll work with …

Our diverse team hails from five continents and speaks seven languages. Our people bring the magic, whether it's within a project team or to our weekly engineering afternoon where we play with tech and share what we’ve learned.

As part of this role, you'll get to work with a full stack, cross-functional team, including dedicated UX/UI gurus. Within our team, we've got expertise ranging from embedded C, through microservices leveraging Node.JS and .Net core to React single page applications and React Native mobile apps. With a DevOps team culture, we also have the autonomy that comes with having control of your own tech stack.

Working within an agile team you will have the ability to truly shape a product; helping to define the priority, value proposition and user focus, along with business-focused subject matter experts. At the same time, you'll be able to take a lead role in enterprise-wide architectural decisions to deliver the most value to our users from our diverse and growing data.

 How you should be qualified …

  • You get why you build things (development and technology are awesome, but building something doesn't happen in a vacuum)
  • You've had experience working within a flat team (our people are our magic sauce, the better our people are, the more everyone benefits)
  • Should have previous experience building consumer-facing products (it's all about the user)
  • You're a polyglot programmer (being an expert is awesome, putting on blinkers... not so much)
  • Passionate about building something that people will really love to use (you're not just cutting code, you're building something awesome)
  • Able to leave your ego at the door (our team is a tight-knit group that’s always learning from each other)
  • You love learning new things and where they might fit in (there are no silver bullets)

We’re not looking for an ordinary individual - if you’re smart, passionate about building great products and have a solid engineering background with an understanding of how IT can affect real change you’ll have the opportunity to make a significant impact on not only our business and culture but also our clients'.

Must have full Australian working rights 

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