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We believe the secret to building excellent products is a comprehensive understanding of your customer’s requirements, behaviors, and pain points. Dovetail helps businesses worldwide achieve this understanding through our intuitive and affordable cloud software.

Our team comes to work every day because we know there’s a huge opportunity in this market. Every single product or service company needs to conduct customer research in some form to understand what they need to build. Our goal is to become the go-to research platform for these organizations, creating successful cloud software similar to what Slack, InVision, and Intercom have done in their respective markets.

We value autonomy and responsibility, trust and openness, efficiency and speed. We’re all about sweating the details on delightful experiences, tackling ambitious technical challenges with a modern tech stack, and learning twice as fast as anywhere else. We genuinely care about our customers and consider them as friends. We regularly meet up with them in-person, talk over video, or chat with them on Slack. (Our company is small, but our Slack workspace is shared with over 180 engaged users.)

As an early employee, you’ll help us shape our culture. We’re founders, but we’re not interested in being dictators. We want a healthy team where everyone believes in what they’re working on. We aim to hire excellent people that you’ll trust and learn from. We’ll be transparent in everything we do. We share product decisions, financials, and fundraising plans (if any) with everyone on the team. We even have a public feature roadmap we proudly share with customers.

Dovetail has been growing rapidly since we launched our MVP in late 2017. We now have hundreds of customers worldwide like Arm, Atlassian, CSIRO, Deloitte, Harvard, Nike, Shopify, Spotify, Uniqa, WeWork, and more.

Your experience

We’re looking for motivated people that can take Dovetail from hundreds of customers to thousands. This means we want best-in-class early employees with relevant previous experience and the hunger to learn a lot during the early stages of a startup. You’ll need to get up to speed quickly with minimal training and over time help to grow our development team.

As a Senior Developer, ideally you should have:

  • A few years of experience writing code at other startups or world-class software companies. You should be able to hit the ground running and manage entire teams as we grow.
  • Recent, hands-on experience building the frontend and backend of web products with technology like TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Node, ProseMirror, and AWS.
  • Practical knowledge of how to architect cloud services so they can scale to thousands of concurrent users worldwide (“web-scale” if you will!)
  • An understanding of all roles involved in product development—from product management to marketing—and the ability to explain how each one adds value to the business.
  • Excellent and concise communication so you can easily convey your thoughts, opinions, and feelings with other teammates, founders, and customers.
  • Experience articulating constructive criticism on architectural or design decisions beyond phrases like “I don’t like it” or “it doesn’t look good”.
  • The ability to offer thoughtful opinions on important business decisions like fundraising, hiring, and establishing management structure if / when it’s required.
  • The right attitude towards a sense of urgency, risk, and uncertainty about the future that comes with working at an early-stage startup.
  • Familiarity with SaaS business models to help you begin at full speed.
  • A true passion for the industry and a drive to be the best - you’ll help us define the future of development at Dovetail!
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