Web application developer (Rails)


Job type: Full-time (either 4 or 5 days)

Industry: science, research, health

Company type: Private, non-profit, < 10 employees

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Heroku, AWS, Buildkite, Elasticsearch, GraphQL, Javascript (ES6), Backbone (legacy), React (new), Webpack.

Covidence is looking for a web application developer to join our Melbourne-based team, locally or remotely. Our engineering ethos is to build software that is easy to maintain and scale with a small team from simple, functional components. You'll be a key contributor to the product and will have a voice in the organisation as a whole.

The work you do will have meaningful impact in the world, improving health and well-being by enabling and supporting the use of evidence-based research and practice. Researchers worldwide use our SaaS product to distill the deluge of research findings into effective practices in health, education and other fields of human well-being.

We are a small and young non-profit company, still building the foundation for a sustainable future and a great company culture. New additions to the team are welcome to help shape the company and culture with us around our shared values: honesty, compassion, curiosity, and diligence.


  • You will contribute to the product and product development processes.
  • You will participate in wider company discussions and decisions.
  • You will take features and bug fixes from concept through to production. You will sniff out the real requirements, understand design trade offs, deploy it to production, and monitor it with metrics.
  • You will promote a safe and sustainable working environment.
  • You will collaborate within the company and with our partners.
  • You will treat our customers, partners, and colleagues with respect and compassion.
  • You will occasionally need to respond to system outages after hours, but we will go to lengths to make this a rarity.

Desired skills

Many of these should describe you but we welcome applications from candidates who feel they can contribute in other ways.

  • You are experienced using Ruby and relational databases to model concepts in a complex domain.
  • You are comfortable using JavaScript and at least one modern JS framework, such as React, Ember, or Angular.
  • You can give thoughtful code review feedback and willing to receive the same.
  • You are comfortable working through legacy code and refactoring it to be in accordance with team practices.
  • You have working knowledge of at least one other programming language; you can convince us of its utility, but caution us where it might be painful.
  • You have production experience maintaining a medium to large Rails codebase; you can tell us what you enjoy about working with Rails, and what you don't.

Some things you could work on...

  • Formulating data models for capturing research and study findings
  • Detecting duplicate citation data on user import
  • Integrating machine assistance into user workflows
  • Enterprise features such as Single Sign-On
  • Importing and exporting user projects to partner APIs


  • 💻 Laptop, monitor, and other equipment provided
  • ⚖️ Transparent and sustainable working environment
  • ⛱ Flexible working location and hours
  • 📚 $2,000 AUD per year budget for professional development such as conferences or learning materials
  • 🏡 Not-for-profit salary packaging concessions (salary sacrifice your rent/mortgage!)
  • 🛠 We value continually improving our code quality and reducing technical complexity
  • 🏎 We inform our product changes with user testing and research
  • 📊 We build software to encourage health practices supported by data, and we aim to build that software using practices and through decisions supported by data
  • 👩‍🔬 Opportunities to collaborate with experts in machine learning, medical research, and other fields
  • 🗣 Regular 1-on-1s with manager


We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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    $100K - 120K
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