(React +Node.js) Full-Stack Engineer: AI meets Natural Intelligence!

Aimee Blue

Aimee is the best virtual receptionist one could imagine. She is powered by Facial recognition, Natural Language Processing, and in-house patented technology to create a real-time friendly experience.

Aimee is on trial in offices around Sydney right now and is keen to graduate out and see the rest of the world.

We are expanding our team to work on bringing AI services on premise, integrating with office and management software, integrating with and building custom IoT devices, and handling a larger set of scenarios in the office.

As a Full-Stack Engineer at Aimee Blue you will:

  • have the opportunity to join the core Engineering team.
  • enjoy the freedom of design and architecture with clean code and no legacy.
  • solve challenging problems at the forefront of modern technology.
  • convert ideas into products and contribute to our products in a highly collaborative environment.
  • work in a friendly environment and report directly to the founder/product manager.
  • learn from an experienced team
  • have the opportunity to take advantage of share options in the company.

You will be responsible for and participate in:

  • architecture design of the products
  • the development of stateful WebSocket and stateless backend services using serverless and microservice architectures
  • using and integrating a wide variety of cloud and on-premise AI services and technologies
  • front-end development and design using a modern stack
  • Integration with established workplace automation platforms.

Skills & Requirements

  • You have proven experience in the Node ecosystem or really enjoy building Front End through JavaScript frameworks like React. Whatever you prefer you like to get your hands dirty developing on either or both sides.
  • You are very curious and innovative. You take risks, and that is why you have kept on reading this description. You love playing with new toys, and at the same time you can focus on what is important and finish it off with pride.
  • You can focus on practical solutions.
  • You are not afraid of failure and know that behind each failure, there is a success story waiting to be told.
  • You don’t like a 9 to 5 working environment where you are told what to do.
  • Your CV is full of achievements you are proud of.
  • Salary is competitive, and you get the option to take a slice of the company.

We offer a super flexible working environment, including working from home for reasonable amount of time in a week (typically for up to 2 days a week).

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