C++ Software Engineer

Acacia Systems

The ideal candidate:

  • Values the expressiveness of modern C++
  • Feels at home in the Linux development environment
  • Openly collaborates on designs
  • Freely engages in merit-oriented discussions
  • Needs to be working on meaningful projects with a positive impact

We rely on:

  • C++17
  • git
  • a lightweight, outcome-oriented process for getting work done
  • collaborative design discussions
  • peer code reviews
  • continuous integration
  • layered testing

Areas for contribution:

  • User interface development (specialised presentation/interaction)
  • Architectural support / subsystem design
  • 3rd-party device integration (TCP/UDP/serial/ARINC/...)
  • Algorithmic - scene-graph, GIS data processing, detection/tracking...
  • Data persistence/archiving (NoSQL)
  • Turnkey operations (O/S customisation and software integration)